Shorten the Gap

Shorten the Gap

Shorten the Gap

Quick reminder for today:

Enjoying life, feeling happy, living the proverbial happily ever after, being a good parent/friend/human: It’s not about never getting out of whack or feeling angry or shit hitting the fan.

We’re human. Life is messy. There is no “there”. Crap happens.

The sweet spot we hope for find? It’s about bringing ourselves back…and getting better and better at bringing ourselves back.

Back to where we feel solid and a bit more centered, back to what we know we know, back to a little more patience and a little more glass half-full. It’s about shortening the gap from when we feel out of whack to when we bring ourselves back (rather than never getting out of whack, feeling angry, or crap happening ever again — because those things will happen).

So, what can we do today to help bring ourselves back when we start getting out of whack, when shit hits the fan, when we feel irritation or anger hit? What baby step helps to remind us to take a deep breath and one step at at time?

Find something small to try. Then, we try it. And try again. And again. We practice bringing ourselves back and back and back.

Let’s shorten the gap. That’s where the sweet spot is.

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