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BOOK: Nope, You’re Not Crazy: Rising from the Swamp of Disordered Eating

I wrote this for myself, when I was hitting bottom with hard struggles (including disordered eating and depression). It’s a combination of stories, ideas to roll around, and notepad.

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Refreshing and authentic. I loved how Robin Massey used her personal experiences growing up as an elite gymnast to talk about disordered eating. It was her experience explained in plain English. It can often be difficult to understand psychological books on overeating, bulimia and other eating disorders. Massey’s narrative is raw, brutally honest, witty, sad, outspoken, uplifting & inspiring, entertaining, truth telling, and well written to its points. Her book inspires me to seek my own truth in my own experience growing up as a competitive athlete. While I feel healed today from binge eating, I do wonder how much my experience an an athlete is affecting me in other areas of my life. It is an easy read with surface scratching personal insights and motivating doable action plans for anyone. Massey is embracing and holding the space for you wherever you are on your journey.

Review from Amazon

I came across this book quite by accident. It was short, sweet, and too the point. She gets the pain and the struggle across without overdoing it. It is also honest. It is not a preachy, blaming or “victimhood” story, but one of struggle and getting through it. I have had a number of friends who have struggled with this sort of thing, but I never really understood it. I think I do now.
It also opened my eyes to a whole world of things and thoughts that as a man I had never really considered. This is a must read for men, as it gives real insight into the struggle of being a woman and the endless pressures weighing on them. This short investment in time will leave you with a great return on understanding. Well worth the read and I am glad I found it.

Review from Amazon