The transition from high school to college is a big shift! Yes, we’ve done our best to share our experience and real life knowledge. However, advice from home may get tuned out. Then when the novelty of having more freedom wears off and the reality of “adulting” kicks in once? It’s easy for our teens to get overwhelmed and overloaded — fast.

How would it be to breathe a sigh of relief, more confident your teen feels solid on the inside and can think on their feet in new situations? Imagine the satisfaction in seeing them thriving freshman year of college. The THRIVE programs support teens in building needed practical skills as well as self-management skills before the new pressures of independence and college academics in order to set them up for a smoother transition. And as an added bonus? Upon successful and verified completion of coursework, they’ll have a new experience to put on their resume.

THRIVE: Foundations is a hands-on online program for college-bound 9th-12th graders. If your teen is self-motivated, can hold themselves accountable, and ready to practice skills for thriving, THRIVE: Foundations may be a great fit. MORE INFORMATION

THRIVE: Prime is for college-bound 10th-12th graders. It is an interactive online mentoring program with personalized support. If your teen is ready to be immersed and take action with 1:1 support and accountability as they build and integrate skills for thriving into their daily life, THRIVE: Prime may be a great fit. MORE INFORMATION

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“It’s really helped me to get things done that I’ve been meaning to do for a while but have never gotten around to before now. I know some of the important staples I should work on getting done like setting up bank accounts and finance trackers and updating my resume…This helps because those things ARE your job.”

L, Student

“Not only is this an opportunity for young adults to learn some real life skills, this [program] gives them a great mentor to look up to and learn from every week.”

M, Student

“We had a good family talk last night regarding the information you provided.”

D, Parent