THRIVE: Skills for Thriving Independently

School teaches many great things — and there is much to learn beyond the classroom in order to thrive in the world of adulthood, such as putting together a resume and preparing for job interviews, learning to manage finances, figuring out what self-care looks like for each of us physically/mentally/emotionally, and learning to manage our time as well as effectively handle stress and mental health. You want to support your teen in growing into a responsible adult the best you can, and it can help facilitate open conversation and learning when the ideas and information come from a different angle (plus feel useful in their already busy schedule).

This course is an online internship-style program inviting your high school 10th-12th grader to consider and then apply in their own life various skills for thriving. They will be challenged to think for themselves, try “adulting” items to stretch their comfort zone, and voice their own perspectives (no right or wrong answers!), as well as consider how and who they want to be as they head into adulthood and what steps will help them get there. And the extra plus for your student in their already busy schedule? Upon successful completion of all coursework, they’ll have a new (and solid) work experience to put on their resume.

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