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*Hot Messes and Sh*t Shows

Robin Massey presented a talk about stress that was the most stress-free experience. It was not even about stress, really. It was about understanding that we all go through tough times and the pathway to relief and perseverance is ours and ours alone. The key here is that we ALL have these moments and the effect of each is different for all of us. By showing us that we can find our own way to deal with a ‘stressful’ situation is the most effective therapy. Through her calmness and low-key style, and her personal and moving experience, we heard a down-to-earth presentation on the reality of a messy life and how it’s yours to keep messy or neat, and be happy with it. Thank you, Robin, for helping our community lose the stress not their mind.

The Del Mar High School International Baccalaureate (IB) Parent Organization

Robin has a refreshing humility and thoughtfulness that makes you want to do better, and her talk “Parenting Toward Positive Self Image” helped me realize why positive self talk wasn’t working. I wasn’t making it relatable or tangible. She imparted her insight and then asked us parents to get involved and voice our thoughts, too. I think this made things stick better and feel more confident. The thing I took away most, though, was that giving our kids tools is just the first step. The most impactful step is modeling it: showing them that even we mess up sometimes and that’s ok. 

Christine Blasingame, Parent