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Bust the Stress: Build Your Go-To Foundation (and Help Your Kids Do the Same)

Every morning feels the same: You wake up…and the stress is waiting for you, pulling you down. The morning fills you with dread because there’s always more that needs to get done, but no matter how hard you try, it’s never enough. Never. And you’re worried the next time you’re going to miss something unmissable, something that’s a big deal to miss. You feel like you’re failing…everyone else seems to have it together. Why can’t you get it together?

Add to it anxiety and crankiness, which are showing up more and more with your kids in sass, back talk, and fighting. It bites to admit but it’s like they can feel your stress. And you hate that it’s impacting them. When was the last time everyone made it through a day without major meltdowns and snapping? You can’t remember. 

Feeling so stressed, anxious, and cranky all of the time: This isn’t what you want, this isn’t thriving. You want to start (and end) the day feeling solid. You want to take what comes up in stride, handling the day and keeping your cool. You also want to teach your kids how to handle the stress and mess of life effectively, but you’re feeling stuck on what else to try besides just trying harder (and harder and harder!!), which isn’t working well at all.

Something has to give. What can you do?

Imagine starting your day feeling hopeful and ready to go rather than behind the 8 ball. (Because how you start the day sets the tone for your whole day!) Sure, there’s stuff on your to do list and more things will come up as the day goes on. However, you know how to get yourself off to a solid, clear-headed start. 

Then as you head into your day, when the feelings of “oh shit!” strike? You’re confident about what to do to actually help yourself keep your cool and get back in control, rather than continue on the “try harder!!” route. Because you know that doesn’t work so well — and you know what actually does help in the moment. 

Even better, your kids are learning how to manage their stress more effectively and healthfully. From everything you’re seeing, they feel (at least more of the time!) your calmness and cool. Sure, meltdowns and crankiness sometimes happen. They and you are human! However, meltdowns and crankiness don’t last; it’s easier for everyone to come back to solid footing. And that feels good

Let’s make it happen.

I work with parents who feel stressed out more often than not and wonder if they’re failing because everyone else seems to have it together.

They feel anxious and hate seeing how it affects their kids, but they’ve got to keep on, just hoping the other shoe doesn’t drop, because there’s always more to do. 

I help them get clear on what brings them back from the ledge of “oh shit!” overwhelm, so they can ditch the daily worry, get on with life, and be a positive role model to help their kids thrive.

After completing Build Your Go-To Foundation, you’ll feel more solid tackling your day. Yes, life is messy and stress will come up — and you’ll know what to do to keep your cool so you can handle the next thing on your list with more ease.

You will:

  • Have a doable process for starting your day on solid footing. The dread pulling you down, down, down each morning as you contemplate everything that needs to get done? You don’t drown anymore. You know what to do to get (and then keep!) your head above the water — consistently.
  • Identify quick actions you can use during the day to walk yourself back from the ledge of overwhelm. Feel stress coming on as you help your kids with their homework or encounter yet another project calling for your attention? You’ve got tools on hand to keep your cool (or come back quickly).
  • Model how to manage the ups and downs of your day with less anxiety, snapping, and meltdowns, because your kids are learning by watching you! They’re getting a handle on keeping their own cool: Never-ending meltdowns are a thing of the past.

Build Your Go-To Foundation includes:

“Oh Shit!” Overwhelm Questionnaire 
Answer a few questions about where you’re currently at and what’s adding to your stress to help identify some of the current biggest pain points. This will help us get a head start on where things are at (and pave the way for what might help!) so we can make the most of our time together.

Build Your Foundation Session
During this 60-minute call, we’ll take a look at how things are currently going, what’s working and what’s not, and what you’d like to see change. We’ll work together to create a feel good foundation for the day and get yourself off to a solid start (one you’ll be proud to model for your kids), which will set a clear-headed and calm tone for your day. (Because how you start impacts how the day goes and then how it’ll end!) We’ll also get you ready with an “emergency kit” so when stress and overwhelm start to show up, you’ll have tools on hand to help bring yourself back to your solid foundation quickly (rather than spin out into stressed out “try harder!!” mode, which adds to the stress). Clear head and cool regained? Check!

Foundation Practice
Following our call, you’ll receive the call recording and notes to help you keep your foundation plan top of mind while you practice bringing yourself back from the ledge of overwhelm over the next 2-3 weeks. As you practice, you’ll begin to create more moments of calm in your day, which will set you up to more effectively manage what’s on your to do list. You’ll also more quickly identify when you’re heading into overwhelm (and what to do to come back), so you’ll spend less time on the “oh shit” ledge with stress pulling you down. Even better? Your kids will watch you regain a clear head and solid footing, which will ultimately help them learn to do the same. Win win!

Going Forward
After practicing your foundation plan for 2-3 weeks, we’ll talk for 30 minutes to see how things are going. We’ll review what’s working and what’s not, and make any needed changes. We’ll help make your foundation even more solid, so those mornings waking up weighted down in dread? Not yours anymore. You wake up and feel ready for the day.

Ready to build your go-to foundation? Let’s get started.

Investment: $99

Step 1. Make your payment here.

Step 2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your questionnaire and instructions for booking your call*.

Step 3. At our scheduled appointment time, we’ll meet via Zoom and get going on your go-to foundation. Don’t worry if your kids will be around and you might be interrupted periodically (I’ve got my own kiddos; I get it!). We’re building your foundation plan with real life in mind, so it’ll work out just fine. (And maybe even better, because we’re not creating your plan in a picture-perfect vacuum — we’re doing it from the messy beautifulness of real life.) 🙂

Questions? Send an email to I’m happy to help!

Thank you for creating a space that helped me become unstuck and finally begin creating the change I’ve wanted for the past 10 years.


I would describe my coach as an amazing listener! Sitting down and chatting with Robin is like sitting down and chatting with an old friend. She will immediately put you at ease, and offer bits of advice, recommendations, or insights that makes everything seem so much easier. I would recommend my coach to anyone who is looking to make some healthy changes in their life!


*If life happens and a call needs to be rescheduled, no worries — just let me know within 24 hours and we’ll get another time on the calendar. Please note all payments are final.