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Find Your Footing: 3 Ways Back from Chaos and Overwhelm

You’re working hard to keep life going: helping your kids with schoolwork, activities, and friends, supporting them through the tough and challenging times when stress and anxiety hit, and getting done the daily to dos of parenting and life: meals, laundry, home and work projects, and everything else in between. Bravo, my friend — this parenting gig is no joke!

When we’re extra tightly wound, teetering on the brink of overwhelm amid the hecticness of today’s fast lane of life, especially when an unexpected or kid-related layer of stress hits, sometimes a boost to help us move from the shaky sand of “oh crap” overwhelm to the solid footing of “okay, I can figure this out” can help immensely. If you’re finding yourself in this space and could use a hand, a Find Your Footing session might be for you. We’ll take a look at current stress and chaos points and identify 3 doable ways to consistently move from “oh crap, I don’t know what to do” overwhelm to “I can figure this out” calm where solutions come easier.

What we’ll do:
-60 minute call to look at stress points and identify your 3 doable ways to calm to put into practice (starting now!).
-30 minute follow up call to check in, tweak as needed, and solidify your footing for more consistent calm.

Additional details:
*Calls are virtual (via Zoom).
*Follow up call will be 2 weeks after the first call with email check ins in between.
*Investment: $99

Interested? Grab your time here:

*Once payment has been submitted, scroll to the bottom of the payment confirmation page and click the Return to Merchant button. You’ll then head to a calendar to select a 60 minute call time. Then keep an eye out for an email with your link to Zoom for the call and a few pre-call questions to complete (will be in your in-box within 24 hours).

*Questions? Send an email to

If life happens, calls can be rescheduled with 24 hours notice. All payments final.