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Figure Out the Basics so Your Business can MOVE

You’re excited — you’ve got an idea for an online business, know what you want to do, and who you’ll help. Sweet. You’re ready to make it happen.

You started with the necessary education/certification courses (check!) and have at least some of your business logistics set up (it’s getting official, yay!). With the training programs to build your skills, they’ve given you a list of things you need to be doing to get the word out, share your knowledge, and start bringing in clients…but now you’re stuck.

There are so many apps, tools, platforms, things to connect and figure out how to use, not to mention pay for every month, though you haven’t even gotten to working with paid clients consistently (or not even yet).

You’re still trying to set the darned systems and processes up, while keeping everything else you’ve got going on in life happening. And everything is supposed to be automated and easy and user friendly.

As you stumble through yet another online app just so you can get a neatly formatted post up on Instagram like you’ve seen what seems like every other entrepreneur do, you’re left wondering: “This is easy for who??” Maybe for whoever designed it; it doesn’t feel user friendly to you. Frankly, it feels user UNfriendly.

Where do you even start??

You KNOW you can help a lot of people, but you’re starting to wonder if the whole online business thing is even worth it…because just thinking about trying to figure out that app again feels overwhelming (and is stopping you from doing anything else with your business).

Something has to change. You want to make this business work out. But what can you do?

Imagine turning on your computer in the morning and feeling excited about what you’ve got on your list to do for your business: the blog post and newsletter you’re going to share today, the invoices you’re going to send, the warm leads to follow up on. You feel confident and know how to make it all happen (and other people have even started asking you how you do it).

You know what apps and tools you need and what you don’t right now. Everything you use feels user-friendly…and the ones you pay for feel worth it. You’re working with clients; your business is going. You’re helping people.

And when a new app or tool comes up and you feel stuck, or you need to make a tweak to your workflow but can’t figure out how to make it happen? You know how to avoid the overwhelm and deal with it quickly. And that feels good

Let’s make it happen.

I work with up and coming coaches and creatives who are working to get their online businesses off the ground and solidly moving. 

They’ve done the trainings and have the list of ALL THE THINGS they should be doing to make their online business work (newsletter, social media, calendar, payment processing, etc.). Though all of these “easy” apps and programs…don’t seem so easy to use, and now they feel stuck.

I help them figure out what apps and tools they actually need to get their businesses going and how to use them so they can run the backside of their business with confidence and focus on helping their clients.

After doing Figure Out the Basics, you’ll feel more solid with the apps and tools you use to run your business (and actually get going!). Sure, new things may come up or you’ll come across something you don’t know, though you’ll know what to do the next time “stuck” hits to figure it out.

You will:

  • Get a hands-on, in-depth look at the app or tool causing you the biggest headache…using regular person words you understand.
  • Identify how to accomplish what you’re aiming to do (e.g., send out a newsletter, calendar client sessions, accept payments) in a cost-effective and simple manner. Skip the overcomplications you may have heard you need.
  • Use the app or tool in real time (by testing a workflow or creating a piece of content that you can actually use), knowing you’ve got a helping hand to answer questions that come up (because there are no dumb questions!).

Figure Out the Basics includes:

“What’s On Your List?” Questionnaire 
Answer a few questions about where you’re currently at and what’s top on your app and tool to do list that’s driving you crazy or making you want to throw out your computer (or ditch your business). This will help us get a head start on where things are at so we can make the most of our time together.

Figure It Out Session
During this 60-minute session, we’ll take a look at the top app or tool where you’re feeling stuck that you noted on your questionnaire. We’ll walk through it together in real time, addressing any and all questions, figuring out where things can be simplified and what works for YOU in your business. By the end of the session, we’ll have tested a workflow, prioritized what you need, or created a piece of usable content to help with comfort and confidence.

Running Your Business
Following our call, you’ll receive notes on how to use the app or tool (in real person words). Then you’ll get to work using it! Over the next few weeks, if questions come up that aren’t addressed in the call or notes, you can send over an email to get some help (responses within 24 hours).

Going Forward
After putting what you learned into practice for 1-2 weeks, we’ll check in via email to see how things are going. We’ll review what’s working and what’s not, and make any necessary changes (and if needed, we’ll hop on a 15 minute call to get things sorted out). So that app or tool that used to drive you crazy? It doesn’t anymore. You feel comfortable using it in your business.

Ready to get unstuck? Let’s do it.

Investment: $99

Step 1. Make your payment here.

Step 2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your questionnaire and instructions for booking your call*.

Step 3. At our scheduled appointment time, we’ll meet via Zoom and get going on figuring out the app or tool. Don’t worry if your family will be around and you might be interrupted periodically (I’ve got my own kiddos; I get it!). You’re building this business in real life, so we’ll figure out the app or tool in real life, interruptions and all. 🙂

Questions? Send an email to I’m happy to help!

Having Robin as a sounding board to talk through the various options and scenarios for my events/payment planning really helped me untangle what before seemed like a complex puzzle. Plus, we were able to tick through and resolve my growing list of nagging items that had been putting a real kink in my workflow. It was a relief to get those things off my plate, and I felt more confident that my business was flowing.

Nancy Martin, Life Coach and Owner: Reclaim Flourish

Robin is a true thought partner. She is willing to climb in with people’s thoughts and get comfortable enough to connect the dots that we can’t! We were able to talk through what was going on inside my head together, and brainstorm real solutions in a short amount of time.

Luisa Alberto, Personal Finance Coach | Creator: High Five SF

Sitting down and chatting with Robin is like sitting down and chatting with an old friend. She will immediately put you at ease, and offer bits of advice, recommendations, or insights that makes everything seem so much easier.


*If life happens and a call needs to be rescheduled, no worries — just let me know within 24 hours and we’ll get another time on the calendar. Please note all payments are final.