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THRIVE: How to Find and Get a Job

Got a high school junior or senior or college student looking to earn money and/or gain resume-useful work experience this summer? What’s the financial and emotional impact for you and them, not to mention in your relationship if nagging/frustration kicks in, if they spend the next few months struggling with their search and not seeing much progress? (And looking down the road, what’s the impact on college admissions, scholarship applications, and/or future jobs?) If they’re not quite sure where to start, have started and are feeling lost, or could use some not-from-their-parent direction, this workshop may be for them.

In this workshop, we’ll sit down and get to work on solid resumes (they’ll come out with a working draft), interviewing competently (yes, we will do hot seat practice rounds), where to look for work (they’ll create a list to take action on), and how to stand out in a group of candidates (we’ll talk best practices), as well as how to keep your head on straight during the process (because burning out while looking for a job, as well as in life in general, is not super helpful).

An online version of the workshop will be available beginning 7/1/19 for viewing and completing on your student’s schedule.
Workshop cost: $97 per student

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